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Why Partner with RedTeam Hacker Academy Dubai.

Cybersecurity jobs boom in UAE with starting salaries of Dh40,000 or more – The National News

Promising youth wanting to work in Cybersecurity have no access to best ever cybersecurity Programs or certifications trainings. Companies are also struggling to fill cybersecurity jobs, especially those jobs with a lower profile – the less talked about specializations.

We are a committed team of educational enthusiasts who believes investment in education can built communities and society for good and built strong nations

“We bridge the gap between Cybersecurity Industry and Academia”

  • We are among the best of cyber security institutions in UAE
  • We are equipped with strong infrastructure and internationally Certified Trainers, and Learning Platforms.
  • We break barriers for building a career in cybersecurity and ethical hacking by providing best Virtual Learning Infrastructure and App based trainings.
  • We have 50000 + hours of training records.
  • Partnered with Governments and Global Companies to deliver world-class trainings and certifications at an affordable prices.
  • Blended Learning experiences coupled with Practical Hands-on exposures
  • We have expanded far and wide and our branches are established across:
    • UAE
    • India
  • Through expert online services we provide we are able to expand our students circle around 30+ countries.

As a registered EC-Council, CompTIA and PECB partnered institution, we value your partnership and look forward to supporting your cybersecurity programs and initiatives.

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