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Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. A recent report on smartphone usage in the first quarter of 2021 indicates that Android is the most widely used smartphone OS— capturing a share of around 71 percent in the global market. Android mobile application security is a prime concern for users and hence spiking the demand for penetration testers.

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Devised by cybersecurity specialists having decades of experience in delivering expansive know-how across domains, the certification course instills a far-reaching understanding of pentesting tools and methodologies to assess the security posture of android mobile apps.



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According to studies, 84% of mobile app users believe that their mobile health and finances apps are sufficiently secure. But the truth is, it will be a misconception if we don’t know how the applications are developed and how does it work.

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Certified Penetration Tester from RTHA is an extensive training program that authenticates your proficiencies in pentesting the application security for Android devices. 

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Fully equipped hi-tech online lab sessions

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Hands-on delivery of critical security essentials including ethical hacking, penetration testing

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Certified Mobile Penetration Tester – Android

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The CPT course offered by REDTEAM hacker academy is completely worth trying for beginners into Cyberworld.Especially the classes are lead by experienced cyber professionals.I personally loved the real-world examples to get you understand complicated areas. Best experience and also Affordable fee structure.

Rohith Rajan

Rohith Rajan


RedTeam Hackers Academy is very reliable for Ethical Hacking such a good and hands on training. Their way of teaching is good. About our trainers Mr RAMDHATH R S & Mr. ADHIL K MUHAMMED, I really want to say that, they are very thoughtful. Their lessons were engaging, useful and very friendly with everyone in class. Always encouraging their students to explore more about cyber security. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in learning Ethical hacking.


Remya Krishna


The training is good, to be precise, all doubts and any questions related to the subject are solved and there is always an answer, there wasn't a time, where you ask a question and there is no answer to it.


Vishaal Murjani


The course was designed to have a theoretical and practical part which helps in understanding the overall learning outcomes, the instructors were helpful and adaptive to any challenges, i like that the exam is based on the knowledge and not memorizing everything from A to Z. My overall experience is positive and I learned a lot and gained the required skills.


Marvan Helal Alshaer Zuail Aldahmani


Loved this course! This course was really helpful in getting the deep knowledge in the field of vulnerability assessment. It really helped me not only to understand the architecture but also how to test different web and android applications using many tools. This course really helped me a lot to uplift my profile in the market. Thankyou REDTEAM!


Jefrey Titus Jerome

Become an Android Mobile Penetration Tester

Certified Mobile Application Penetration Tester

Why Penetration Testing In Android?

RedTeam designed the course Certified Mobile Application Penetration Tester (Android ) after much research on the necessity of a penetration tester in a technologically developed society. And RTHA has a beginner-friendly course scheme that will be the best contribution to our learner’s future in cybersecurity.

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From setting up a professional environment for identifying vulnerabilities to implementing pentesting tools like Burp Suite and Wireshark, our penetration testing training for Android applications illustrates every aspect of penetration testing and APK reverse engineering.

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Introduction to Course

Course Content

Module 1 Introduction of Course

  • Course Overview
  • Introduction of Mobile App
  • Android Architecture
  • Android Security Architecture and Permission Model
  • Android Application Component
  • Installing Virtual Box
  • Installing SONTOKU OS
  • Installing Genymotion
  • Android Debug Bridge
  • Configuration of Burpsuite and Wireshark
  • Application Reverse Engineering using apktool, jd-gui, etc
  • Analyzing Dex file
  • Analyzing traffic using Burpsuite and Wireshark
  • Owasp top 10 Vulnerabilities
  • Installing DIVA (Damn Insecure And Vulnerable App)
  • SSL Pinning
  • Insecure Logging attack
  • Hardcoding issue
  • Insecure Data Storage
  • Database Insecure Storage
  • Temporary file insecure storage
  • External Insecure Data Storage
  • SQL injection in android
  • Web View Vulnerability Exploitation
  • Access Control issue
  • Authentication Based Access Control issue
  • Leaking Content Provider
  • Hard coding issue using JNI (Java Nativev interface)
  • Web Log Introduction And Format
  • Web Server Log Analyzer Demo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why learning Penetration Testing is important to secure a job in Cybersecurity?

In a technologically advanced society, it’s hard to find someone without a smartphone. As India is a country that has more Android users than iOS, the importance of learning Penetration Testing increase day by day. So do the opportunities for an expert in Mobile Penetration Testing in Android.

What are the topics covered in this course?

The course covers topics such as Web Application Forensics, Useful tools, and Configurations, Static analysis, etc.

Why should I choose RedTeam 360’s course?

RedTeam 360 has a technologically and professionally expertise team to guide in learning. Our App has anytime access and you can choose your convenient time for classes too. n a busy scheduled life, RedTeam 360’s courses are a lifesaver and As RedTeam 360 is an advanced application by RedTeam Hacker Academy, one of the top cybersecurity training institutions in India, the quality of the course is undoubted.

Does android penetration testing has a future?

For sure. The world is almost in the 6G and very greatly involved in the development of technology, and so does the black hat hackers. It’s crucial to have certified professionals to fight against them. The opportunities for cybersecurity experts increase day by day.

Become an Android Mobile Penetration Tester

Certified Mobile Application Penetration Tester

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USD 38 | AED 139