Certified Mobile Penetration Tester – iOS

iOS adoption is gaining traction in the world because of its robust and resilient features. As technology evolves, the security of iOS devices needs to be fortified with the timely detection of vulnerabilities. At RTHA, we capacitate mobile security aspirants with exceptional know-how of iOS app penetration techniques using the best tools.

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This all-encompassing course delivers sweeping knowledge of bypassing jailbreak detection, identifying potential vulnerabilities, using pentesting tools expertly, and promoting a sound security posture for iOS devices.



2 Hours 50 Minutes

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The best part of this course is that you will get to know an accurate understanding to find vulnerabilities on an IOS app. By this course, our students will be confident enough to deal with testing IOS App based on global standards.

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Simplified Learning Ecosystem


This program is designed for candidates who are interested in experiencing a global experience on IOS Application Testing.

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Real-like project-based implementation


Fully equipped hi-tech online lab sessions

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Real-like Hacking


Hands-on delivery of critical security essentials including ethical hacking, penetration testing

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Certified Mobile Penetration Tester – iOS

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The CPT course offered by REDTEAM hacker academy is completely worth trying for beginners into Cyberworld.Especially the classes are lead by experienced cyber professionals.I personally loved the real-world examples to get you understand complicated areas. Best experience and also Affordable fee structure.

Rohith Rajan

Rohith Rajan


RedTeam Hackers Academy is very reliable for Ethical Hacking such a good and hands on training. Their way of teaching is good. About our trainers Mr RAMDHATH R S & Mr. ADHIL K MUHAMMED, I really want to say that, they are very thoughtful. Their lessons were engaging, useful and very friendly with everyone in class. Always encouraging their students to explore more about cyber security. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in learning Ethical hacking.


Remya Krishna


The training is good, to be precise, all doubts and any questions related to the subject are solved and there is always an answer, there wasn't a time, where you ask a question and there is no answer to it.


Vishaal Murjani


The course was designed to have a theoretical and practical part which helps in understanding the overall learning outcomes, the instructors were helpful and adaptive to any challenges, i like that the exam is based on the knowledge and not memorizing everything from A to Z. My overall experience is positive and I learned a lot and gained the required skills.


Marvan Helal Alshaer Zuail Aldahmani


Loved this course! This course was really helpful in getting the deep knowledge in the field of vulnerability assessment. It really helped me not only to understand the architecture but also how to test different web and android applications using many tools. This course really helped me a lot to uplift my profile in the market. Thankyou REDTEAM!


Jefrey Titus Jerome

Certified Mobile Penetration Tester (IOS)

Why IOS Penetration Testing?

Certified Mobile Application Penetration Tester (IOS) by RTHA has a beginner-friendly course scheme that will be the best contribution to our learners future in Application Security.

RTHA’s iOS mobile security penetration course lets you gain competencies in:

Become a part of exclusive Cybersecurity Community Tech Support & Social Forums while enrolling on this course, apply proven penetration testing on Android apps Jailbreaking iPhones, core concepts of iOS penetration testing using mobile-specific VM with pre-configured tools, pentesting iOS Applications with the most recent tools and best practices.

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Become a Certified Mobile Application Penetration Tester this course. Learn on-demand skilled courses by RedTeam360

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Introduction to Course

Course Content


  • Introduction
  • iOS Security Mechanism
  • What is iOS Pen-test
  • iOS Jailbreak
  • iOS Jailbreak Practical
  • Setting Lab
  • Introduction to Damn Vulnerable iOS app
  • Introduction to IOS tools and Class Dump
  • Keychain Dumping
  • Objection
  • Intercepting Network Traffic
  • SSL Pinning
  • SSL Bypass
  • Introduction to Frida
  • Static Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Advance Reverse Engineering

Bypassing Jailbreak Detection

iOS Forensics

  • Application Patching
  • Bio-Metric Bypass
  • Client Side Injection
  • Excess Permission
  • Insecure Data Storage
  • Insecure Transport Layer
  • Phishing
  • Runtime Manipulation
  • Sensitive Information in Memory
  • Side Channel Data Leakage
  • WebView Issues

Anti Debugging Methods

iOS Secure Development Guidelines

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major domains covered by this course?

Major domains covered in this course are iOS Security mechanisms, Installation of iOS tools, SSL pinning, and bypass, Advance reverse engineering, iOS Forensics, etc.

How is iOS penetration testing different from Android? Does security training deliver?

One of the major differences is that Android is an open-source software it’s easier to penetrate it. iOS is proprietary software owned by Apple, which can be modified and released only by Apple or someone with expertise in it.

What are the career opportunities this course opens up other than the usual?

A certified penetration tester can branch out into careers like IT Security architect, IT security manager, Director of Cybersecurity, etc.

Do we get practice sessions in this course?

Definitely. RedTeam 360 makes sure that you explore and enjoy the course to the fullest.

Certified Mobile Penetration Tester (IOS)

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USD 35 | AED 128