Certified Malware Analyst

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Certified Malware Analyst is a course for in-depth knowledge of malware analysis tools and techniques. 

This course is designed to provide both practical skills and technical knowledge needed to evaluate malicious software crises.

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Promise your mastery in Static Malware Analysis, Dynamic Malware Analysis, Advanced Static Analysis. You will find yourself grasping knowledge in cryptography for malware analysis with enough practical experience in it.



9 Hours 25 Minutes

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Malware Analysis Course Online will unravel all your concerns about requiring the much-needed skills for becoming an expert. We fulfill your dream of achieving essential knowledge and exploring the capabilities of malware to solve the troubles in threat intelligence and cybersecurity threats. 

This Course fortifies your skills in Malware Analysis by providing a strong foundation in reverse-engineering malicious software

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Hands-on delivery of critical security essentials including ethical hacking, penetration testing

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The CPT course offered by REDTEAM hacker academy is completely worth trying for beginners into Cyberworld.Especially the classes are lead by experienced cyber professionals.I personally loved the real-world examples to get you understand complicated areas. Best experience and also Affordable fee structure.

Rohith Rajan

Rohith Rajan


RedTeam Hackers Academy is very reliable for Ethical Hacking such a good and hands on training. Their way of teaching is good. About our trainers Mr RAMDHATH R S & Mr. ADHIL K MUHAMMED, I really want to say that, they are very thoughtful. Their lessons were engaging, useful and very friendly with everyone in class. Always encouraging their students to explore more about cyber security. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in learning Ethical hacking.


Remya Krishna


The training is good, to be precise, all doubts and any questions related to the subject are solved and there is always an answer, there wasn't a time, where you ask a question and there is no answer to it.


Vishaal Murjani


The course was designed to have a theoretical and practical part which helps in understanding the overall learning outcomes, the instructors were helpful and adaptive to any challenges, i like that the exam is based on the knowledge and not memorizing everything from A to Z. My overall experience is positive and I learned a lot and gained the required skills.


Marvan Helal Alshaer Zuail Aldahmani


Loved this course! This course was really helpful in getting the deep knowledge in the field of vulnerability assessment. It really helped me not only to understand the architecture but also how to test different web and android applications using many tools. This course really helped me a lot to uplift my profile in the market. Thankyou REDTEAM!


Jefrey Titus Jerome

Become a Certified Malware Analyst & Hackout Your Career

Certified Malware Analyst

Why Malware Analysis Course Online?

This Malware Analysis Course Online program will guide you in attaining the fundamental mastery in assessing stringency and repercussions of the situations of malicious software and recovering from the crisis. 

Our well-programmed syllabus is the best choice for you to master malware analysis. Our professional tutors will help your journey of learning no matter how basic is your knowledge of cybersecurity. 

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Introduction to Course

Course Content

Module 1

  • Module 1 Overview
  • What is Malware Analysis
  • Goals of Malware Analysis
  • Types of Malware
  • Introduction to Static Analysis
  • Introduction to Dynamic Analysis
  • Introduction to Memory Forensics
  • Tools used in Malware Analysis
  • Setting up Lab for Malware Analysis

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Get Certified as a Malware Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will studying Malware Analysis increase my scope in cybersecurity?

Certainly. Studying Malware Analysis will let you the skills to identify, extract and analyze malware, which is one of the biggest threats in cybersecurity. By doing RedTeam 360 ‘s Malware Analysis Course, you will be able to learn hacker tactics, techniques, and procedures by which you can defend them.

What are the topics covered in this course?

RTHA’s CMA program will guide you in attaining the fundamental mastery in assessing stringency and repercussions of the situations of malicious software and recovering from the crisis. 

Is a malware analysis program is a certification by RedTeam.

Yes. It’s provided as an online course in RedTeam 360, an exclusive application created by RedTeam Hacker Academy.

Will I be able to attain knowledge just like a regular student with this online course?

Sure. RedTeam 360 promises any time access to our application and guidance from our talented tutors. You will attain all the understanding and knowledge just like a regular student. We all need your sincere effort and dedication.

Become a Certified Malware Analyst & Hackout Your Career

Certified Malware Analyst

USD 38 | AED 139